Yard Maintenance   Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their property all the way to the road. The county very rarely mows the shoulders of the roads.

useful Numbers

Common Areas   The PLHOA owns six Polks Landing lots:
    ​Lot 1,    .015 acres, tax map 9775, block 28, parcel 5732

    Lot 70, 1.57 acres, tax map 9775, block 17, parcel 9637

    Lot 81, 2.81 acres, tax map 9775, block 16, parcel 1777

    Lot 82,   .98 acres, tax map 9775, block 17, parcel 1134

    Lot 118, .46 acres, tax map 9775, block 09, parcel 9168

    Lot 119, .47 acres, tax map 9775, block 19, parcel 0270

Lot 1 - where the Polks Landing sign stands by the first house on the south side of Polks Landing Rd

Lot 70 - the corner of Creeks Edge & Stones Throw, includes the playground and mail station. It is named "Christie Park" in honor of Charlie Christie (1915-1993) who lived here with his wife Florence from 1982 to 1993. He was a longtime board member devoted to making Polks Landing a family of neighbors. He planted the Norwegian Spruce which served as the neighborhood Christmas tree until it was cut down by the power company in 2007.

Lots 81 & 82 - the southwest corner of Fallen Log & Creeks Edge

Lots 118 & 119 - the last two Polks Landing lots on the south side of Polks Landing Rd, this is where the brush pickup mulch is deposited for neighborhood use

Mailbox Key Missing?   The PLHOA has a master set of keys.
​If you or your renter needs a key please contact PLHOA board member, Allen Suess at sucora 2003@yahoo.com to arrange for a new copy to be made for you. There is a $10 fee for this service.​​ Please keep your address identified inside for the mail carriers.

Poker Chip in Your Mailbox?   A poker chip in your mailbox indicates that you have an over-sized package or a bundle of held mail inside the mail station. Please return the chip to either of the marked slotted mailboxes. Please contact the PLHOA for the padlock combo.

Helpful INformation

2018 Calendar

Police:  911, Chatham County Sheriff, 542-2811
Fire: 911

Animal Services: 542-7203

Animal Shelter: 725 Renaissance Dr, west Pittsboro off US 64, 542-7203
Electric: Duke Energy Progress, 800-452-2777, outages: 800-419-6356

PLHOA Post Office branch: 1500 W Main, Carrboro, 968-4573

Tax Collector: Chatham County, 542-8260

Telephone: AT&T, landline: 800-288-2020

Trash: free to use Chatham County facility behind Burger King or contract pickup by local providers such as: Ellis Disposal/ 542-2208, Waste Industries/ 596-1363, Carolina Disposal/ 771-7944.

Voting Location: Perry Harrison School, 2655 Hamlet Chapel Rd, Pittsboro, go to the end of Manns Chapel Rd, turn right, school on left,  we are in the Manns Chapel Precinct
Voter Registration: 984 Thompson St, Ste D, Pittsboro (across from the YMCA, but the Thompson St side of Platinum Commons), 545-8500

Water: Aqua North Carolina, 877-987-2782

Website: polkslanding.com

PLHOA Meetings   
​     January 9          Tuesday, 7pm
    March 24           Saturday, 4pm
    May 16               Wednesday, 6:30pm
    July 14                 Saturday, 4pm
    September 12   Wednesday, 6:30pm
    November 10    Saturday, 4pm 
​               Annual Meeting & Election of Officers

PLHOA 2018 Assessment — $140 due February 20,
​    6% late fee if paid after March 20

PLHOA Brush Pickups
 — weeks of March 26 & October 15

PLHOA Fall Party — Saturday, September 22, 5:00-dark

Please note: this is a tentative schedule - watch for mail station and Nextdoor updates!


Brush Pickups   The PLHOA arranges spring & fall brush pickups covered by HOA dues. Watch for notices. Please do not stack debris by the road too early so your neighbors don't have to look at it! Yard brush & limbs only. No leaves, logs, bags, boxes, string, wire, old lumber, etc. Limbs maximum 8" diameter. Stack debris neatly off of the road for easy pickup. Resulting mulch is available on HOA's Polks Landing Road lots.